FFXI Unity

For anyone who is an avid on again off again but still in love with FFXI’er, there was a new system introduced in November’s patch. This system is called “Unity”. It is intended to be bigger than an alliance but not as tight knit as a linkshell. Basically, you find the starter NPC and then select which “leader” you want to follow. Some of the options include Naja – the raging bitch of Aht Ugran, Maat, Aldo, and a few others for a grand total of 9. Can you tell I’m not a fan of Naja?

So, I decided to give this stuff a shot a few nights ago. Here’s what happened (short version).

Step 1: Trigger quest in RoE

Step 2: Find NPC, talk to NPC

windy unity npcs

Step 3: Select leader

After some discussion with both linkshells, I went with Maat because I’ve always liked him… and because he was rank 1 with almost twice the points of the number 2 leader.

maat number 1

Yup, Maat rocks.

Step 4: Chat it up with the Unity to find a NM to kill…

Yeah, or not. Turns out most people turn off unity chat, so I quite literally talked to nobody, and nobody answered me. No events for me! Yeah! …

Step 5: Screw it! I’ll do it myself. Run out to Saruta and look for the NM. Turns out I was in the wrong Saruta, was supposed to go east and I went west. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Step 6: Back to town for the warp to the staging area. This is when I realize I was in the wrong zone. Run around for a few minutes looking for NM, nothing. Some quick googling reveals that you won’t find the NM, you have to spawn them at an Ethereal Junction which I saw on the way.

Step 7: Find junction. Spawn! Yay!  ….

Step 8: Or not, you can’t solo Unity mobs. No problem right? Just ask the unity group because that’s what they’re there for right? I took another screen shot just to show you this, so you know I’m not making it up.

unity wtf

Apparently they used the linkshell coding which places a limit on how many people can participate in the chat at a time. So, this happens. Requires a team of at least 3 people to participate in unity, you can’t ask your unity friends for help. Yeah… and add in the mediocre at best item upgrades… fuck unity.

That is all.

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