Hello world!

Hello world, specifically the gaming world. For the purpose of this blog, my name is Alhassani and I am gamer. I haven’t played a game in about… 8 hours, and its time I logged in to something.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight some of my gaming experiences as I play the multitude of games I so enjoy playing. More than that, I’ll be offering reviews of games as they come out, updates or expansion packs as they are released, and even other fansites and blogs.

Most importantly, I am building a community. Gaming has evolved in recent years and has become so much more than just a linkshell or guild. Multi-game communities are becoming increasingly commonplace. I invite you to share your experiences and thoughts on my reviews and adventures as we expand. Maybe this will never happen, but hey, we’re gonna have some fun anyways!

About me, I play mainly MMOs. I do enjoy the occasional FPS and am becoming increasingly addicted to MOBAs. But, I try not to limit myself. I will generally play anything as evidenced by my recent binge on Candy Crush. Damn that game to hell. Just kidding!

My first major MMO was Runescape back in about 2001. I was never really dedicated to it so it died off after about a year. At the same time I was working my way through all of the Final Fantasy releases up to that point. Side notes: I never finished 10 or 13, I should probably go do that.

When Final Fantasy XI beta came to North America, my cousin got in and tagged me along with him on his account. This is the first game I ever became addicted to. I have played on my own account now off and on since just after NA release. About two months ago I went back to it again, as I am so prone to do, after a two year break.

World of Warcraft became the first game I was addicted to on my own. A friend got me hooked and I didn’t look at another game for about 3 years. I’ve played since the middle of Burning Crusade. In that time I’ve run a handful of raiding guilds, been a raid leader more times than I can count, been a guild officer in numerous guilds, leveled every class to max in 3 expansions (WoD will make 3 when I’m done), capped every profession in the game multiple times, and done most of the grinds in the game. I’m to the point with WoW now that I need to take a break every couple of months since I’ve burnt myself out.

I’ve also played Guild Wars, ArcheAge, Rift, Neverwinter, DC Universe, Age of Conan, FFXIV, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, and even Tera. There are a number of titles I haven’t played like Everquest, Lineage, Star Wars, etc.

Recently, I’m moving into the MOBA arena and in the past week have started moving into league play. Smite is hands down my favorite. Say what you will, but I can’t get enough of this game. League of Legends comes in next obviously, although the amount of clicking and targeting get me in LoL. I’m also in on the Heroes of the Storm Alpha, Infinite Crisis, and Strife.

After that my list gets a bit more random. Everything from Grand Theft Auto to Diablo, Starcraft to Call of Duty. I’m down to play whatever.

I also stream on twitch as Alhassani23. I don’t have a camera yet so there is still some work to do there.

So, this is me. Any questions, let me know. Until then, lets get back to it!

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